Who We Are :

We are a company that helps you fix, install and understand your electronic devices. Our purpose is to help our customers. We consider that customers are our most precious asset and we aim to treat them with honesty, understanding, and respect.
Every day we fix dozens of iPhones and Samsung LCDs, dozens of iPad and Tablet screens, but we do much more than that. We have been repairing and installing customer’s electronics for over 10 years. Customers bring to us their broken TV’s, audio systems, Hoverboards, Play Stations, Xbox and other game consoles. We can fix any electronic device.
We can fix laptops, MacBook, and even the newest wave of internet connected devices.

How Are We Different?

We have a very deep understanding of electronic device. We will take care of the issue, the same whether the cause is software or hardware. With us you get fast and quality repair and great prices too. All our repairs are covered with 90 days warranty. Ask for warranty details at the store.
We are different. Our technicians are certified and experienced. They are trained to perform very complex repairs, including when there is need of soldering or micro soldering in the device motherboard. We do those kinds of complex jobs at our repair centers every day. You can be confident that your device is in the hands of experienced professionals.

We are also a Cell Phone Store

At our stores we offer other services. We activate phone lines from carriers as Simple Mobile, Net10, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile.
We also have for sale a great selection of unlocked phones. We can offer you phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Alcatel and other manufacturers. The smartphones we sell, be it Android or iPhones are ready to use in any country and with any carrier and most important our prices are hard to beat.

Great  prices and quality parts.

Check the price for some of the most common repairs. If what you need is not listed please call to any of our stores, we will help you.