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Microsoft Xbox One

The biggest problem area for Microsoft’s Xbox One (aside from the $499 price tag) is the included Kinect motion sensor, which represents 30% of the trouble reports reviewed. Specifically, a number of people are having difficulty in having the device recognize voice and motion commands, which can effect menu navigation and, in many cases, gameplay. Shutdowns and audio problems occur as well, but are less common.

Kinect 30%
Console shutdowns 25%
Audio problems 15%
Disc drive 10%
Other 20%

Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4 may be topping the sales charts, but it’s not due to a lack of problems. The biggest problem in terms of frequency (and likely severity) is unprompted console shutdowns, representing 35% of trouble reports. Especially unfortunate users see these shutdowns take the form of the dreaded “blue light of death” – a worrying sign that you need a new PS4. Problems with audio, freezing, and the disc drive are also issues for owners.

Console turning off 35%
No audio/video 25%
Freezing 20%
Disc drive 10%
Other 10%

Nintendo Wii U

Not many of you have purchased a Nintendo Wii U, but I predict that may soon be about to change: Nintendo is mere weeks away from releasing the long-awaited Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Brothers 4 is on its way later in the year. Just watch out for game freezes – the annoying problem represents 35% of Wii U trouble reports and can (rarely) brick your device. Numerous people are having problems with the tablet-like Wii U controller, as well.

Freezing 35%
Gamepad 30%
Internet connection 15%
Audio/video 10%
Other 10%

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